About the Fund

Charity Dyadechko Sport Fund (DSF) Fund was established at the initiative of Ukrainian businessman Sergei Dyadechko to ensure the development of sports in Ukraine and promote healthy lifestyles among the population of our country.

Dyadechko Sergey for years served as president of basketball club "Donetsk", and in this period paid special attention to the children's school basketball club and organization of sports tournaments for children and youth in the region. He is currently successfully implementing his management talent and skills as the head of the basketball club "Monaco", which under his direction in a short time transformed from an outsider into the flagship of French basketball.

Accumulated by Dyadechko Sergei rich organizational experience and financial resources allows the fund effectively provide technical assistance to improve the quality of the sports events, make the promotion of sports and outdoor activities in all population groups of our country.

The priority objectives of the fund Sergey Dyadechko identified as revival and development of various kinds of sports, attracting the attention of the citizens of Ukraine to the sporting events and the motivation of our fellow citizens to actively engage in sports themselves. First of all, it concerns children and youth, as only healthy and strong nation will be able to ensure the future prosperity of our country.

To successfully solve strategic tasks Dyadechko Sport Fund will encourage the desire to sports in enthusiasts and professionals of any gender, age and skill to perfection and the highest achievements. The Foundation is always ready for open cooperation in the principle of mutual benefit with all those who share our beliefs, and goes to the same purpose.

Fund Mission

provide sports development, providing technical assistance, organizational experience and financial resources to improve the quality of sports activities and the promotion of sport and health, as active leisure.

Fund Objectives

contribute to the revival and development of various kinds of sports, to attract people's attention to sporting events, to stimulate increased interest in the sport.

Fund Strategy

encourage the pursuit of excellence and the highest achievements, to achieve maximum effectiveness, comply with the principle of openness and cooperation.


21 February 2018

"Monaco" of Sergey Dyadechko set a French basketball record

"Monaco" of Sergey Dyadechko set a French basketball record, having won the "Leaders Cup" for the third year More
19 September 2017

"Harvest" of records in the final of the Cup of Ukraine in Strongmen with the support of Sergey Dyadechko

On the last Sunday September 17 in Vinnitsa Final of the Cup of Ukraine on Strongmen took place. More
14 September 2017

Sergey Dyadechko' Fund will support the Final of the Cup of Ukraine in Strongmen

On September 17th, 2017 at 12-00 in Vinnitsa on the square near the  "Mega Mall" will take place one of the main events of the year in the domestic strongmen - the Final of the Cup of Ukraine. More
12 September 2017

The best moments of the match Obolon-Brovar - Poltava with the fund of Sergey Dyadechko DSF

During the Obolon-Brovar-Poltava match, the tension in the stadium did not fade for a second More