Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko

Founder of "Dyadechko Sport Fund"

Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko was born November 18, 1974 in Donetsk. After finishing high school, he entered the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute (now Donetsk National Technical University) on the faculty of Computer Science and Informatics. During study at the university Sergey Dyadechko played basketball for PDI and Donetsk.

After graduation Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko began working at the State Tax Inspectorate of Donetsk. In 1999, he received a second degree in Accounting and Auditing.

Since 2001 Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko worked in a number of commercial structures, which included banks “Rodovid” and “Soyuz”. 

In 2007, Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko became the owner and president of basketball club "Donetsk". During his presidency, the club became the champion of Major League and Super League of Ukraine, and also reached the European Cup quarter-finals. Children's Basketball Team basketball club "Donetsk" won the junior Euroleague and several times won the championship of Ukraine in the various age categories.

Beginning in 2012, Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko sponsored nearly a dozen mass streetball tournament, held in the cities of Donetsk and area in different age categories. On his initiative in 2013 basketball club "Donetsk" provided financial support to the city's basketball Universiade.

In 2013, Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadcheko became the general sponsor of basketball club "Monaco", and in 2015 became president of the club.

In 2014, Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko was the organizer and title sponsor of the School Basketball League.

Together with his wife Olga, Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko has three sons.


25 July 2017

Sergey Dyadechko: "Gladyr had surgery in the clinic, where Chelsea players are being treated".

Sergey Dyadechko spoke about the reasons for the creation of the team in France, their basketball ambitions with "Monegasques" and sports activities in Ukraine. More
21 July 2017

"Monaco" of Sergey Dyadechko extended the contract with Ukrainian Sergey Gladyr

Basketball club "Monaco" of Ukrainian businessman Sergey Dyadechko extended his contract with Ukrainian shooting guard Sergey Gladyr. The coming season will be the third for Gladyr for Monegasques. Of the current composition for just as long in the team is only Amara Sai. More
19 July 2017

"Monaco" of Sergey Dyadechko strengthened the front line by Elmedin Kikanovich

Already the fifth newcomer to the basketball club "Monaco" of Ukrainian businessman Sergey Dyadechko in this offseason was the center team of Bosnia and Herzegovina Elmedin Kikanovich. More
17 July 2017

"Monaco" of Sergey Dyadechko signed a contract with Paul Lacombe

Another newcomer to the basketball club "Monaco" of Ukrainian businessman Sergey Dyadechko was the attacking defender Paul Lacombe, with whom a two-year contract was signed. More