Atlantes - Wolves. Announcement of the match with the support of the fund Sergy Dyadechko

30 June 2017
Atlantes - Wolves. Announcement of the match with the support of the fund Sergy Dyadechko
Let's try to figure out which team has more advantages.
Both teams are still unbeaten, and if the Sunday game ends in a draw, although the probability is small, but it is possible, then each team will record two points and move on.
So, the Wolves carry with them the results of the last year Best Timer Cheerleader - definitely this is a plus.
Atlantes do not have a support group - it's a minus!
But here to the Kharkive Atlantes come to the aid the silver prize-winners of the championship of Ukraine on pole dance, which will light the public in the Half Time Show, because you will agree - this is a plus.
And what would it be without a doubt, the Atlantes can pull up for the warm-up before the match an indicative team of drummers of the MVS, which has long been a visiting card of home matches of the Kharkiv Atlantes.
Well, to conquer and dominate the issue of the match, so to speak, Atlantes employs heavy artillery, namely the silver medalist of the Ukrainian aerial acrobatics championship in the category "children professional" - Semenova Elizaveta.
Well, and closer to the teams.
Vinnytsya has the key position of the grazing legionnaire from the USA, Brain Gessel, who will uniquely create a lot of problems for Atlantes and is definitely a plus.
Kharkov plays remote combinations. So, whatever one may say, the defense of Atlantes in training more runs into a run. And this, I think, is a minus.
Head coach of Atlantes Ralph Berkovets, a high-quality specialist from the United States, not only examines a rival in video matches, but also parses all the weak and strong points of his opponents. Plus in the treasury of Atlantes.
Also, the team from the first capital of Ukraine has David White - a tough secondary, who does not just read the game, but can also print well to the lawn.
As last year's game showed, Wolve's line of attack could not contain the Bandits' defense, and it was for this reason that Anthony Banson and Titja Richardson could not realize themselves in that game.
Kharkov has always been famous for not sparing neither himself nor the opponent on the field, so the defense of Atlantes will do everything possible to put pressure on the passer and extinguish the pass game of the Wolves, another plus for Atlantes.
Vinnytsya has a couple of runners in the cage, and Brain Gessel can run with the ball himself, it can confuse the defense of the Atlantes and puzzle it, plus for Forest Predators.
Well, those who can not come to the match have a great opportunity thanks to the sports fund of Sergey Dyadechko to watch the live broadcasting of the match from Kharkov, and this is definitely a big plus for the audience.
So, my friends, on Sunday we are waiting for a vivid confrontation, a super feast of American Football!



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