Basketball of Monaco has big plans

17 February 2017
Basketball of Monaco has big plans
AS Monaco Basket - a rare phenomenon in the French basketball. Roca Team became the first team in history, which managed to overcome the way fr om the fourth division to the first in just four years!
Having won the right to participate in the elite, AS Monaco confident gait goes to get the status of not only sports, but also the image project of the Principality. Increasingly in Monaco basketball put on a par with football, tennis and Formula 1 - the activities, assessed on the Rock more than just a sport.
All this was made possible by Ukrainian philanthropist and president of the club Sergey Dyadechko.

Sergey, where fr om did you get this passion to basketball?

I loved the game since childhood, when I saw it for the first time live at the Games of the peoples of the Soviet Union, which took place in 1986 in my hometown of Donetsk. Then I started to play basketball professionally. As a student, I played in the championship of Ukraine among universities, but then suffered a serious knee injury and was forced to quit playing, to concentrate on their studies and career. But the love to this beautiful game has remained, and later, when I have already been implemented in the business, I decided to return to basketball as a patron.

What tasks do you set for AS Monaco and how do you see the near future of the club?

When I started this project, I identified two paramount and key objectives. The first - to try as soon as possible to bring the team to the first division. Many believed the goal to beat synchronously in the third and then second division unreal, but we, thank God, dealt with it, and exactly in a quarter of the century a great basketball is back in Monaco.

The second task was to attract a global audience to the stands. Last season we were the only team, which gathered full tribunes in 15 out of 17 visiting matches in the regular season of Pro B. But to achieve the same result at home Stade Louis II was much more difficult, because every day in Monaco there are many different sports and cultural events. And yet, thanks to close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports, headed by Madame Isabelle Bonal (Isabelle Bonnal), as well as regional media we managed to win the love of the audience, and now the average attendance of our home games varies around 2000 spectators (with the capacity of the hall in 2300 - 2800 spectators stands depending on configuration).

Tell us, your ambitions are certainly not limited exclusively to the internal championship ...

Of course, I dream that Roca Team will again be represented in the European competition. We have managed to rewrite the history, for 2 seasons winning the NM1 and PRO B - and this is clearly a success. But now we face an even more daunting task - to become full participants in the Pro A, to create an efficient and competitive team, which will has a force to fight for an exit in the playoffs, which will debut in European competition. Of course, I am aware that this would be very difficult - French Championship unusually strong and very specific, but I worry with all heart and soul for this project, so I will do my best for club to grew and progress.

You helped the club to go through three divisions for three years. Now the team - in Pro A. What are the feelings and expectations of the season kicked off?

Naturally, we are very intrigued by the opportunity to try our hand in the Pro A. I was genuinely happy with our last year's championship, but the next morning woke up with only one thought: how to properly prepare for the elite division?
It was not easy to form a composition, since the beginning of June, when we adopted the final budget, local market players was already in full swing. In addition, the French top basketball players were not originally willing to consider the option of employment in Monaco, as the club does not participate in European competition.

Our idea - to have a structure with rotation at each position that will allow us aggressively play in defense. The first option for the formation of the team was considered the candidacy of Jamal Shuler - the player who managed to prove oneself in France. Last season with the "Nanterre" Shuler won Eurochallenge, won the title of most valuable player of the Final Four. The signing of the contract with him was a kind of message: Monaco have big plans!
Forming a team from scratch is very difficult, and therefore our head coach has my trust loan. I understand that it takes time to achieve mutual understanding by the team at the site wh ere there are 10 newcomers ...

Does responsibility of the coach for the outcome prevails over him?

I think it is an integral part of coaching, which at the same time is an stimulus for self-improvement.

I'm pretty sure that at the beginning of the season we often get stuck because of lack of teamwork and mutual understanding, but I hope to see AS Monaco in the spring at a decent place in the top eight.
The scenario of the first game of the season's start looked like a real thriller. Guests miraculously managed to realize three-pointer shot at the time of the end of the regular time. The judges deliberated for a long time, but finally the shoot get counted, and the match extended in over-time wh ere the teams were at the same level again. And only 4 seconds before the end of over time the spectacular roundhouse throw of Amara C brought us a minimal victory - 83:81. The game kept the audience in tension all the 45 minutes - sure, these games are the best advertisement for basketball. Believe me, the adrenaline level in the room went off scale, and just in a couple of hours after the end of the game a video overview of the match looked almost five thousand people.

The increasing popularity has allowed the club to become attractive for TV channels. In October, two of the five matches of AS Monaco was shown live on national French TV channel Ma Chaîne Sport, one more, just against the "Nanterre" was recognized as the central match of the tour. I hope very much that with God's help we will be able to continue the winning pace!

Thank you for the meeting and frank conversation. We will be rooting for your success!
Alexander Popov

Source: rusmonako


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