Grand Final Four Donetsk School Basketball League

15 May 2014
Sergey Dyadechko - SBL
May 16 and 17 in Donetsk at the small arena of BC "Donetsk" will be held matches of Final Four of the School Basketball League. This grand event will be the culmination of the debut season of the School League. Almost every weekend teams from 12 schools from all regions of Donetsk went to the basketball courts to fight in an exciting and uncompromising struggle for the title of best in the city. Under the guidance of professional coaches young athletes passed the hard way of the regular season and playoffs. And now in the final games of the season the title of first champion DSHBL will be challenged by the teams "Tornado" (school №135, Budennovskiy district), "Falcons" (school №92, Kirovskiy district), "Gladkovskaya Fox" (school №61, Kievskiy district) and "Hawks" (school №126, Proletarskiy district).

The DSHBL’ establishment and functioning became possible primarily thanks to the initiative and financing of the president of BC "Donetsk" Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko, who became the title sponsor of the League of the season 2014. Also Donetsk City Council and mayor Alexander A. Lukyanchenko gave support to this initiative and provided real help in its implementation.

Program Final Four
May 16, Friday
14-00 semi-final, "Falcons" (school №92, Kirovskiy district) - "Hawks" (school №126, Proletarskiy district)
16-00 semi-final "Tornado" (school №135, Budennovskiy district) - "Gladkovskaya Fox" (school №61, Kievskiy district)

During breaks in semi-final matches as well as in the intervals between games dance groups will perform for the spectators, also there will be a DSHBL Danker’s competition, as well as the qualifying round of the three-point shots competition. In all timeouts the most vivid DSHBL support group teams will show their skills, and at the end of the second semi-final the best of them will be awarded.

May 17, Saturday
12.00 Match for third place
14-00 Final

At half-time will be the final stage of the competition among the three-point shots players and professional DSHBL Danker demonstrations. The real highlight of the tournament would be unprecedented for Ukraine basketball flash mob in the big break of the final match on Saturday. Absolutely everyone who came with their basketballs this day will be able to take part in it.

Throughout the final weekend the best players and DSHBL teams in various categories will be ceremonially awarded with valuable prizes and gifts from sponsors.

Honorary guests of the Final Four will be: mayor Alexander A. Lukyanchenko and other top officials of the city and region, deputies of Ukraine, the captain of BC "Donetsk" Paul Burenko, striker of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Glebov, head coach of BC "Donetsk" Valery Plekhanov, curator of the Children's Basketball School BC "Donetsk" and coach of the Champions of junior Euroleague Miodrag Boykovich, as well as other social and sports figures.

All matches of Final Four and the awards ceremony will be shown on the air with a professional commentary using modern technologies and equipment of DSHBL’s
technical sponsor "STIB" Ltd.
The live broadcast of the decisive match in Donetsk School Basketball League can also be seen on the TV channel "Union" on Saturday, May 17 at 14-00.



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