Leaders of the School League had a fantastic match

18 February 2014
Leaders of the School League Sergey Dyadechko had a fantastic match
Donetsk School Basketball League was launched just a week ago, but the results of the first round allowed to state that some of the participants made a serious bid for the title of the favourites of the season. In Division "East" they were school №22 team "Leader", who won their game with a difference of more than 100 points, and school №135 "Tornado" who also impressed with confident game in the league opening match. And by the will of the calendar in the second round these teams met in the internal duel on the court of Voroshilovskiy district representatives.

Those of the audience, who came to the match in advance, could see for themselves that the main key to success is the hard work of the team’s trainers. Even without the direct supervision of their mentors, players of "Leader" and "Tornado" warmed up on a clear plan, without being distracted on anything extraneous. Meanwhile, the school hall gradually filled with spectators, among whom were students, their parents, teachers, and representatives of the club’s sponsor TV channel "Union" (school №22) and telecommunication operator "Stealth ISP" (school №135). To support their favourites came an impressive delegation fr om Budennovskiy district.

The first quarter of the meeting was a kind of cold shower for the hosts. Despite the enthusiastic support of the audience they could not cope with the leaders in the protection of "Tornado" Vlad Vasilchenko and Alexei Stavtsev. This is reflected in the actions of the "Leader" in the attack, wh ere their players seem to be doing everything right, but the ball refused to fall into the basket. As a result, after the first 10 minutes, the guests created a significant backlog 6:22.

In the second period Budennovtsy’ coach decided to give a rest to his key players, and it is immediately reflected on the meeting. Player of the "Leader" Dime Krivchun gradually managed to establish cooperation in the attack, Artem Zakharchenko effectively fought for rebounds, and the defense as a whole coped with its functions. The difference in the score began to fall, and the coach of "Tornado" was forced to return to the site at the beginning Stavtseva and then Vasilchenko. However, the hosts managed to stabilize the game and on the long break the team went with the score 16:32.

From the beginning of the second half fruits of the "Leader’s" coach Sergey Rozhko’ work on the bugs in the break became visible. Firstly, the guardianship of the leading players of the opponent’s became more dense and rigid. The hosts did not hesitate to apply doubling, and points started to came to Vasilchenko and Stavtsev with much difficulty. At the same time, "voroshilovtsy" started to fight more persistent near alien shield, which most clearly showed himself David Taroyan. All this has allowed the "Leader" to make great strides to close the gap almost on a half 30:39.

But the most persistent struggle unfolded in the final ten. "Leader" selflessly fought for every ball and after a precise three-point by Krivchun “Leader” get even more closer to the opponent 33:39. For some time, "Tornado" with the efforts of the same Vasilchenko and Stavtsev managed to keep the opponent at a relatively safe distance, but a minute before the end Zakharchenko made the throw 41:44. It began a tense ending, which, by its glow did not yield matches of the professionals. Almost after every attack trainers took time out to respond to the changed situation and give new instructions to his wards.

Successfully made a defence, the hosts had another attack, and Taroyan cut the margin to a minimum 43:44. "Tornado" Vasilchenko maid a passage, which was stopped only with the violation of the rules. But Vlad has implemented only one of two free throws 43:45.

The following two attacks were crucial. At first "Leader" has the first real chance of the match to take the lead, when the "Budyonny" within 26 seconds made a mistake and fouled Krivchun performing three-point. However, off-scale tence affected Dima, and he scored in only one of the three attempts to 44:45. In "Tornado" Vasilchenko again took the game and earned penalty. And this time, Vlad scored only the first shot, but after a miss he picked up the ball and sent in a cart with two foul. The score was 44:49, and it actually meant the victory of guests. Up to the end "Tornado" still managed slightly increase his advantage, and the final whistle has fixed 44:51.

Despite the defeat of the players, "Leader" did not look too upset and had every right to. The team in the second half showed character and considerable potential, and it is perhaps much more important than the 2 points in the standings. At the same time "Tornado" can be proud of the win over one of its main competitors. Now, the 135th school team became the main contender to win the division “East."

After the match, we asked participants and spectators to share their impressions of the fight.

Dmitry Krivchun, point guard, "Leader":
"In general, after the game emotions were very positive. We played with the strongest division of our team, fought on equal terms with it and could even win. Unfortunately, at the end I a bit missed throw. I score my play moderately. At 5-6 on a scale. Not the best I could I did, and not all I scored. I think that we can take a revenge on a "Tornado" in the return match. The only negative moment is that now we have to play them on their site. In fact today an important role for us played the usual home rings and the support of viewers. The idea of creating DSHBL I value very positively I was on matches SBL of Mining towns last year and this is just great that now we have it all -. The sites, the uniform, the fans - it cool!"

Sergei Rozhkov, the head coach of the "Leader":
"Despite the result, I am happy with the team. Our today's rivals were older and more experienced. We had a poor start, but then we got together. I told the players how to defend themselves against the leaders of the"Tornado”. "The boys grabbed the idea and went ahead. Domestic walls helped strongly. Its always easier to score to own rings. On their site with this team will be hard, but we will try to find countermeasures against their leaders. Today we have, as usual, the leaders were Dima Krivchun Zhenya Melnikov, David Taroyan and Artem Zakharchenko. Despite the mistakes, they generally played at their level. The main problem of our team in the absence of an equivalent replacement to this quartet. Therefore, they have almost all the game play without replacements. Because of this, they are certainly very tired. Our team holds three two-hours workout per week. Now we will have a half-hour tactical analysis of the game, and then practice. Most of our children are engaged for a year and a half. During this period we basically worked on technique, but recently began to make tactical developments. We already have three combinations through which the game take place in the attack zone, we are working out zone pressure and team interaction. Children coach I became not by chance. I played a lot in childhood and youth. I love basketball. At the first year in the institute I began to train children's teams in the same 22-th school. I liked it. The current team is the second in my coaching career. One team I already released. By the way the captain of the team Daniel Gerasimov was now a judge on the match. I love sports, I love children and I love to work with them. The most difficult in work with children - it's nerves ... (laughs). In fact, these are the first steps. Teach the basics, put the discipline to make the players understand you perfectly and at one gesture. The main task of the coach - to make sure that children look into your mouth and try to do a job with the maximum desire."
Elena Orlova, a teacher of initial classes of school №22:
"Today I have come to cheer on our team" Leader ". There plays my student from 10th form Artem Zakharchenko and my son, from 7th form Dima Orlov. Dima is the youngest in the team, but our coach appreciates him. Son was seriously engaged in football before, got involved in basketball and now is engaged in two sports simultaneously. I think the creation of the School League is very good thing. Sports will never lead to bad consequences. Children who play sports, always far away from smoking, alcohol, bad companies. in addition, this is health, beauty and strength. School League unites and develops children Especially because it all is so serious -. uniform, banners, coaches, professional judges. It's great! Coming to DSHBL matches, my soul has a rest. There are no notebooks, no jobs here, only children's joy. "

Sergey Stavtsev, Dad of "Tornado" player Alexei Stavtsev:
"About creation of DSHBL I knew from a son. He is engaged in basketball, aware of all the sports news and tells us about it Well, we parents, cheer on him. We are generally very sporty family: all eight children engaged in various types of sports: four wrestlers, one enjoys horseback riding, another brother, as well as Alex, plays basketball and girl do aerobics. Here today we have come to cheer on Alexei and his younger brother Timur and get great pleasure from the match. We like that Alexei is doing well. He is happy, and we are very happy for him. School League is a super idea! I can see how much my son is in basketball, wants to be evolved deeply and play more seriously. Besides, he is going after graduation to enter the sports institute and continue to play basketball. A School League will bring great help in this! "

Told about their emotions participants of the match, "Guepards" (school №49, Kalininskiy district) - "Hawks" (school №126, Proletarskiy district, the sponsor "SintezProdServis")

Dmitry Gaidukov, player of "Hawks": "The secret of our success in training and team spirit. Our whole team is training a lot of and have gained a good gaming experience."

Evgeny Morozov, the head coach of the "Hawks": "Good game. I liked the fact that the rivals fought. Of course our team is a little bit stronger, but all saw that on the field was stiff competition and tight protection. I liked how both teams played." .

Alexander Treasurers, the player of " Guepards ": "Our team is not fully played out yet. It is the main reason. We will work hard. Secondly, the level of some of the players of the opposing team was higher. We will try to win the next match.".

Inessa Khodova, head coach of " Guepards: "I want to congratulate the" Hawks" with deserved victory. Guys - well done, played in a command way. We have a lot of mistakes, over which we have to work and work a lot. Among our players I would like to admit Ivanin and Kaznacheeva. We will do better in the next game.

Source: terrikon.com


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