Monaco - our! As Ukrainian impressed all basketball France

5 June 2016
Sergey Dyadecko BC "Monaco"
The main sensation of the current basketball season in France can be called the "Monaco". Team-League Rookie of LNB won the French Cup and finished the regular championship of the country in the first place, surpassing the permanent members of the Euroleague - "Strasbourg" and "Limoges".

In "Monaco",there are no ​European level stars or even basketball players who have made a name for himself in the French national team but the specific Ukrainian trail traced the club. Because of him, "Monaco" can be called a club that continues the work ceased to exist BC "Donetsk".

A few years ago there were no signs that the great basketball will be in Monaco. In 70-90 years of the last century, there was a team of elite French division, which even at times acted in European competition. But it is all left in the past - in 2002, the club ceased to exist, and in 2010, was revived as the amateur team, participating in the fourth division of French.

In fact, the only interesting fact in the life of the "Monaco Basket" was his arena, which is directly under the football field of the stadium of the famous "Louis II". It is where the match of the UEFA Super Cup played each year.

Many things have changed in 2012, when the club has got financial help from Ukrainian banker Sergei Dyadechko - former vice-president of the infamous "Rodovid Bank." At that time, investor preferred that no one knew about his money at the French club, also "Monaco" was not in his priority then.

Also in 2012, Dyadechko was the president of BC "Donetsk", which is just the first time in its history, became the champion of Ukraine and played in the European Cup quarter-final.

That BC "Donetsk" was one of the strongest teams in the Ukrainian Super League and Dyadechko established himself here as a loyal fan of basketball. Unlike other club leaders, he did not miss the matches of his team and fully participated in its life.

Сoach Saša Obradović, who later successfully managed Berlin "Alba", went through BC "Donetsk", although played here many performers of their teams - especially Ukraine. In addition, center-left Vyacheslav Kravtsovof has left for NBA "Detroit Pistons' from BC "Donetsk".

BC "Donetsk" was fighting for the championship in Ukraine up to his last season, and only when the terrorists set fire to the Palace of Sports "Druzhba", which served as the home arena for the team, Dyadechko stopped the project in Donetsk and focused on the "Monaco".
... In 2012, the "Monaco" won the fourth division of the French, and since then has started promotion to the elite. Elimination of BC "Donetsk" coincided in time with a victory of "Monegasque" in the third force division of France. And since than Dyadechko was "taking" the functions in the club not only as the investor, but also as the president.

"Monaco" has started to win the French Open in the lower divisions year after year, and in the summer of 2015 for the first time in 24 years the club was in the strongest league in the country. By the time the team has clearly traced "Ukrainian peculiarities", which have now become even stronger.

This is about basketball players, who previously played in Ukraine, and then began to play n the "Monaco" - looking at the selection of the team, it was obvious that "Monegasque" management was well aware of the state of basketball affairs in Ukraine.

Actually, the "Monaco" general manager is a Ukrainian. Alexey Efimov was previously a sports journalist in one of the Ukrainian newspapers and later an assistant coach in BC "Kiev". In the years 2011-2014 he was manager of BC "Donetsk" and was the only member of the staff of the Ukrainian club, who moved with Dyadechko in "Monaco".

Regarding this, the list of ex-Super League players in the "Monaco" is impressive:
- Serbian striker Milutin Aleksic played for BC "Donetsk" in 2009/10, and joined the "Monaco" two years later. With the "red-white", he spent three seasons and helped the team win the third and second division championship of France;

- American central Dan McClintock once played in the NBA, and at age 32 moved to act in MBC "Nikolaev", which immediately became the star of the Ukrainian Super League. As a result, McClintock spent in "Mykolaiv" and Mariupol "Azovmash" three seasons (2010-2012), and a year later became a player of "Monaco". At his 36 American became a "Monegasque" player in the middle of the season, for which he played seven games with a good performance;

- Heavy striker Marco Killingsvort was a major player in BC "Donetsk" in the last for the club season. The next championship he started in the Russian "Ural", but towards the end of the season was in the "Monaco". In the second division of French American played five matches.

- Ukrainian central Kirill Fesenko had an interesting career that has been full of ups and downs. One of the fall Ukraine captain caught just in BC "Donetsk", but was then able to start playing again at a high level. In May 2016, after the end of the contract with the Italian "Cantu" he moved to the "Monaco" and has already managed to play two games in the playoffs.

- Playmaker Darrel Mitchell came twice to Yuzhniy "Chemist". The first attempt was unsuccessful, but the second time, in 2012, American was voted MVP of the regular championship of Ukraine. Later, the American still managed to play for Lviv "Politehnica" and, of course, BC "Donetsk". Now Mitchell - a backup point guard of "Monaco".

- Ukrainian Sergey Gladyr began his career in MBC "Nikolaev", but since 2009 is playing in teams of Spain and France. Last summer, the national team defender had to sign a contract with "Istanbul BB" team, but at Turks did not pass the physical examination. Just in a few days Gladyr became a player of "Monaco". Here he is not a player of the starting five, but is gaining on the average 7.3 points per game in 37 matches.

- American Jamal Shuler was the leader of Yuzhniy "Chemist, which in the season 2013/14 became vice-champion of Ukraine. Later he played as defender in the French "Nanterre", which won the third force Eurocup - EuroChallenge Cup - and was the most valuable player of the tournament. Today, Schuler is a leader and top scorer of the "Monaco". He is gaining on the average 16.3 points per game.

It is important that the head coach, "Monaco" Zvezdan Mitrovic also has direct relevance to Ukraine. Prior to the "Monaco" Montenegrin specialist was working as a trainer only in our country - Yuzhniy "Chemist", Krivoy Rog "SC KRYVBAS", Kiev "Budivelnik" and Mariupol "Azovmash", all - almost 10 years.

In the "Monaco" he writes a new story for himself - a year ago Mitrovic won for "Monegasque" second division, won in winter the Cup of the country, and now is able to repeat the success in the LNB championship!

"Monaco" has managed to reach the semi-final playoff championship, where he met with the "Lion" - the club, which is owned by the famous basketball player Tony Parker. "Ukrainian" team could not get into the decisive match of the championship, losing in the series - 1: 3. However, such a result for the elite division newcomer can really be considered fantastic.

The success of the "Monaco", alas, does not affect the strength of the Ukrainian basketball. But the performance of "Monegasque" perfectly illustrates the level at which today could be the Ukrainian Super League, if not a crisis, and the war in the east.



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