Monaco thanked the philanthropist Sergei Dyadechko for the sporting glory of the principality

23 February 2017
Monaco thanked the philanthropist Sergei Dyadechko for the sporting glory of the principality
The victory of "Monaco" in the final of the Cup of the French league Leaders Cup was the main event of the past week in the French sport. And the main heroes of this success were the president of the club Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Sergei Dyadechko and defender of the national team of Ukraine Sergei Gladyr, who was recognized as the best player in the finals.

The reaction of the press demonstrated the tremendous significance of this event. So, the most popular sports newspaper of France L'Equipe came out the next day with the title "Monaco" once again confirmed its dominance in the French basketball! "And the central newspaper of the Principality of Monaco Matin praised the triumph of its team laconically and capaciously -"Superheroes! ".
But especially pleasant to Sergey Dyadechko were words of appreciation from the Minister of State Monako Serzh Tell.

"Our team was incredibly impressive! The players showed great mutual understanding on the site, and the coaching talent was embodied in the right tactics." The guys literally tore the title! "Asvel also wanted to win the trophy." Opponents showed not even a maximum, they put on 150%, but we are all still surpassed them today we have experienced unforgettable moments Separately, I want to thank the management of the club, led by President Mr. Sergey Dyadechko who daily puts into the project their knowledge and soul "-! he pointed Tall .
The basketball club "Monaco", whose president is a Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Sergei Dyadechko, who founded the sports fund Dyadechko Sport Fund DSF, for the second consecutive year became the owner of the French League Cup Leaders Cup. On the way to the prestigious trophy, "Monaco" won "Antibes" and "Nanterre", and in the final match on February 19 in the arena Disneyland Paris won 95:91 ASVEL Basket. Most valuable player of the final was voted defender Serhiy Gladyr that in the winners scored 22 points in just 16 minutes.

Sergei Dyadechko led the "Monaco" in 2014, and since then the club has filled the club museum every season with a new trophy, becoming alternately champion of the third and second division, and after quickly entered the elite league Pro A, also won two French League Cups and became the champion of the regular championship of France.


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