One more realized project of ULAF and sports fund of Sergey Dyadechko DSF.

22 June 2017
One more realized project of ULAF and sports fund of Sergey Dyadechko DSF.
We publish a post-match interview with the president of the ULAF Maxim Shilo.

The first question is not the original one, but still: tell us about the preparations for the Patriots vs. Falcons match.
Maxim Shilo: I think you know how much time we spent with you on the preparation and the script of the broadcast)) I will say so this match was given very hard I think everyone understands what works it was worth to get for this match such a stadium.
We held many negotiations and presentations of this match, we were heard and trusted by allowing us to implement the project at this level, many people asked us for this match. Thanks to all the participants for their trust and help. Igor Mikhailovich Surkis once again went to us for a meeting and provided an opportunity to implement a bright and landmark project, and Arthur Leontyovich Palantny and Yevgeny Eremenko were a great help.
To organize the match Falcons, UAE - Patriots, Kiev, we have done a tremendous work for 3 weeks. Despite the fact that we all worked on wear, we enjoyed the process. And of course thanks to the media partner of the sports fund Sergey Dyadechko DSF, we once again realized the broadcast at a high level and the game was able to see a huge audience. And for us it is important, because. The more viewers, the higher the interest in this still just gaining popularity in Ukraine sport.

In the game with the united UAE team Falcons Ukraine was represented by the Patriots team. Do you plan to assemble a national team of Ukraine and if so, when?

Maxim Shilo: yes, we are planning to do this already in the fall of 2017. This requires a lot of organizational efforts, but we are moving towards this goal. We even have already developed and produced a sample form for the national team.

What gave this match?

Maxim Shilo: we showed that Ukraine can host international matches with a high level of organization. Thanks to this game, more about Europe has been learned about us from the good side.
This is a victory not only for our League in the field of American football but also for Ukraine as a country that welcomes guests hospitably, arranges a worthy sporting event and wins a fair fight.

Well, a few words about the plans.

Maxim Shilo: in the autumn we plan games of our united team of Ukraine. At the Patriots Falcons match came about 2500 people. An ambitious dream to hold a match of the national team of Ukraine in the Obolon Arena - and fill it to capacity. The capacity of this stadium is 5000 people.
I think this would be an excellent start for the team of our country.


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