"Tornado" - the first champion of the Donetsk School Basketball League

19 May 2014
The champion of the School Basketball League Sergey Dyadechko
May 17, 2014 has become the main day of the debut of the championship of the Donetsk School Basketball League. In this hot May Saturday was determined the best basketball schools in the city, and their well-deserved awards were given to all winners of the season without exception.

But first, the third place of the tournament has been played. By tradition, the President of the Basketball Federation of the Donetsk region, Oleg Golovin, has made introduction to young athletes and said that he is good-naturedly envious of the guys, that if such a League was held in his school years, he would be extremely happy.

"Gladkovskaya Fox" (school №61, Kievskiy district) - "Hawks" (school №126, Proletarian district) - 79:63 (15:16, 14:22, 27: 8, 23:17)
"Gladkovskaya Fox": Kononov (2 + 5 rebounds 7 assists), Evseev (30 + 5 + assists 3 steals), Shadrin (5 + 11 rebounds), Parfilko, Emelechkin (12 + 15 rebounds) - start; Lobanov, Moiseenko, Butenko (3), wing (2), Hamster (2), Voskoboynikov coverage (23 + 11 rebounds)
Head Coach: Nikolay Tachinsky
"Hawks": Harahash (8 + 5 rebounds), Kazintsev (8) Moose (24 + 17 rebounds 7 assists), Vasiliev (3 + 7 rebounds), Gaidukov (8 + 8 rebounds) - start; Pikulev (3), Gerin, Garden (9 + 5 rebounds), Vashchenko, Cooper, Bukhalo
Head Coach: Evgeny Morozov

From the very beginning of the fight, it became clear that despite the defeat in the semi-finals, bronze medal is sufficient stimulus for both teams. The first half of the match has gone better for "Hawks". Wards of Evgeny Morozov obviously have been working on the bugs on the results of yesterday's defeat. "Proletartsy" showed much more team interactions, and except their leader Vlad Los’ on the point of attack there were also its other partners: Alexander Harahash, Yegor Kazintsev, William Sadaev. In addition, "Hawks" significantly accelerated the game and tried to move quickly from defense to attack. Another factor of leadership "proletartsev" in the first half was the good implementation of three-point shots. Two hits from behind the arc made Egor Kazintsev, at once set the points Sergey Pikulev and William Sadaev. "Gladkovskie Foxes" acted in the same style as in the previous match. The main emphasis was on flirtation in the positional attack of bigmens Anton Okhvat and Ilya Emelechkin and skills of defenders Yevgeny Yevseyev and Bogdan Kononov. However, as day ago, "gladkovtsy" does not always have time to get back into defense, and the leaders of their back line was sometimes too addicted to individual game and was forced to drop out of the plight. As a result, the first half remained for the "Hawk" 38:29.

Turning point in the match was the third quarter. "Proletartsy" were a little tired, and reduced the pace in the attack, which had a negative impact on their performance, because in the positional protection "Foxes" coped well with his rival. At the same time, "gladkovtsy" finally managed to realize the plan of action of Nicholay Tachinskiy and regularly bring the ball to Anton Okhvat. Central of "Foxes" getting comfortable transfer, started to dominate in the 3 second’s zone and over and over was sending the ball into the opponent's ring from close range. No matter how hard the "Hawks" was trying, but they failed to stop Anton. In just ten minutes "Gladkovtsy" turned the backlog in 9 points to the advantage of 10 points, and went to the last break already with a great chance of winning.

In the final period thanks to the efforts of Vlad Los’ and Dmitry Gaidukova not to give up until the end, "proletartsy" were able to equalize the game, but have failed to reduce the backlog. Initiative of Anton Okhvat caught Yevgeny Yevseyev and cuted defense of "Hawks" with passes and scored twice from behind the arc. We should also note another remarkable moment. When before the end of the meeting there were only 0.7 seconds and victory of "Foxes" did not cause the slightest doubt, their coach Nikolai Tachinsky still took time out to work out the combination for the last throw for a limited time. Although this goal is not reached the cast, but the desire of mentor to use every opportunity to develop their players worthy of respect and folowing.

In the big break of the match for third place was the final stage of the three-point shots competition of DSHBL "Stealth", whose members were to score as much as possible long-range shots in 1 minute. The stress affected the players, and without exception, they scored less than in the qualifying round. Closest to his first result was Vlad Los’ from "Hawks" who hit the basket 9 times and became the winner. Vlad Vasil ( "Tornado") scored 6 shots, Dmitry Krivchun ( "Leader") - 5, Alexander Murza ( "Falcons") - 4.

Except games, the audience that filled to overflowing Small Arena BC "Donetsk" and rapidly react to everything that happens remembered unique for Ukraine basketball flash mob. In the pause between games arena was filled with about 50 very young sports fans. They all came to the Final Four with their basket balls and came with them to the floor. They will be followed by masters such as forwards BC "Donetsk" Dmitry Glebov, Alexander Antipov and freestyler Ilya Prihno who surprised the audience with virtuoso tricks for all day. At the signal of the vice-president of the Makeyevka Basketball Federation Andrey Stelmashenko children and adults at the same time began to show their dribbling skills. This impressive action completed under the loud applause of the crowds with spectacular simultaneous tossing the balls up.

"Tornado" (school №135, Budennovskiy district) - "Falcon" (school №92, Kirovskiy district) - 68:60 (16:11, 19:13, 15:18, 18:18)
"Tornado": Stavtsev (19 + 7 assists + 4 steals), Chernyshov (10), Gogua (3), Vasil (24 + 23 rebounds 4 assists + 3 steals + 3 blocked shots) Moskalenko (9 + 7 rebounds + 3 assists) - start; Prikhodko, Nikitenko (1 + 6 rebounds), Listratenko, Bespalov (2)
Head Coach: Oksana Panasiuk
"Falcons": Shevchuk (8 + 6 rebounds 4 assists + 3 steals) Sanon (16 + 6 rebounds), Borodin (6 + 7 rebounds), Dubrovin (10 + 14 rebounds), Balabanov (11 + 18 rebounds) - start; Stignienko (4 rebounds 3 assists), Kharitonov, Murza (9 + 4 rebounds)
Head Coach: Anna Kapralova

Well then came time of final contest of the season. The first points in the final scored the captain of "Falcons" Ivan Borodin, but "Tornado" quickly seized the initiative. As in the semi-finals, "budyonnovtsy" tried as quickly as possible to move from defence to attack, at the forefront of which the most often occurs rapid Alex Stavtsev. Also knowing how to play fast basketball "textilshiki" visibly lost speed and could not hold back the pressure of the opponent’s defenders. But "Falcons" themselves wasn’t good in attack, and the reason for this was at the first place the reliable protection of Oksana Panasiuk’ pupils. "Tornado" disciplined return back into position and almost did not give the enemy the opportunity for quick attacks. Only a couple of times Yusuf Sanon managed with great resistance to bring his breakthroughs to throw, but it was only an episode. In addition, the zone defense "budennovtsy" left starved formidable front line of "Falcons" of Yegor Dubrovin and Ivan Balabanov, who often met with a ball after their own rebounds, rather than as a result of combinations of partners. The decisive breakthrough "Tornado" made in the second quarter, when Vlad Vasil increasingly began to take the initiative. Opponents could not stop his power passes within the rules, and from the penalty line Vlad missed rarely wrong. As soon as the "textilshiki' pay increased attention to the leaders of the opponent, the remained without care Pavel Chernyshov and Roman Moskalenko successfully used appeared freedom.

In the big break of the final game professional team of Dankers "Above The Rim" Karim, Komel and Mr. Small did not give to fans even a moment to extinguish emotions. The festival of throws on top of all tastes did not give a chance to be bored to anyone, and pause went quite unnoticed.

In the second half, "budyonnovtsy" continued to stick to their line, and the "Falcons" increasingly began to stray into individual action and unnecessarily often throw from behind the arc. Although Alexander Murza and Yusuf Sanon hit one time each (especially spectacular was Yusuf’ cast with the siren on time completion of ownership), but there was much more blunders. Bringing in the final period, the advantage to 17 points, "Tornado" too soon calmed down and released to the floor its very young player Vitaly Prikhodko. But wards of Anna Kapralova and Dmitri Placidus was not going to give the championship up. Another three-points of Yusuf Sanon summarized jerk 11:0, and a minute before the end the gap was only 6 points. Moreover, the "Falcons" were able to defend, and the same Yusuf again had the opportunity to close the gap to the minimum throwing from behind the arc. However, this throw was inaccurate, and the key rebound took Vlad Vasil. "Tornado" became the first champion of the Donetsk School Basketball League.

Source: terrikon.com


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