ULAF and the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation announced cooperation

25 July 2017
ULAF and the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation announced cooperation
The sides discussed the results of cooperation in the field of popularization of American football in Ukraine and the marketing promotion of the national championship. As the main results of the partnership in the season Maxim Shyla and Sergey Dyadechko recognized the significant increase in attention to American football in Ukraine. It appeared in particular in a significant increase in attendance of matches, as well as in the emergence of a noticeable interest in this sport fr om the side of potential sponsors.

Maxim Shilo noted the unprecedented media support of the league from the fund and the MostMedia Promotion team:

"ULAF is very grateful to the Sergey Dyadechko fund for working to attract attention to American football in Ukraine. Thanks to the promotion of the fund, interest in our championship has risen tenfolds. For example, now ULAF is negotiating with patrons and businessmen who want to become presidents of clubs of the league and fully invest in them funds. Such a comprehensive and powerful marketing support ULAF has never had. In particular, television broadcasts of matches with a huge coverage according to Western colleagues are among the best in Europe; such broadcasts in Europe, even in the finals are rare. The active work of our teams in promotion
of our games to the masses, in a very short time allowed for a recent match in Kharkov between local Atlantis and Vinnytsia's Wolves to gain a full stadium. There is still a finale ahead, also sponsored by Sergey Dyadechko fund. We do not have ultra-fans, but the whole families come to the matches and enjoy spending time with them.
I think that if American football continues to develop at the same pace, then by the end of next season it will come third or fourth in attendance among all sports in Ukraine. And in the longer term, we need to strive to ensure that we, as in Germany, had 242 professional teams, the benefit has already been noticed in the world and we are being traveled as legionaries, and there is support by American owners of teams and American missions, starting with the consulate. And this already speaks about the world interest in our championship ".

Sergey Dyadechko explained why he considers the development of American football in our country a very promising project.

"In France, rugby is very popular, which is akin to American football. By interest among sports fans, it is second only to football. In any French sports newspaper, as a rule, the first five pages are devoted to football, and the next four are rugby. Leading positions it also takes on the attendance of games and players' salaries. One of the most important tasks of our cooperation is working with children. If we succeed in capturing as many of them as possible, then this will be a significant contribution to the formation of a healthy and strong nation."

Parallel with rugby gave Maxim Shilo, focusing on the difference in campaigns to organize tournaments.

"In Ukraine there is a rugby league. But we have this subsidized sport. First of all, because it has only sports component. And ULAF together with the Sergey Dyadechko fund made from American football in our country a combination of competition and a bright show that attracts both young people and whole families to the stands. Our main audience is the middle class. We organize not just matches, but kind of sports weekends. We take care of quality food for the spectators, separately organized work with children and various contests in which it is interesting to participate for all.

An example is the unprecedented international friendly meeting of the Kyiv Patriots and the Falcons team from the United Arab Emirates, which is 80% American legionaries and coaches. Despite this, the Ukrainians managed to win this match!"

Sergey Dyadechko told us wh ere his interest in American football began 20 years ago.

"I am very pleased with this success of our athletes in the international duel. I remember how I myself was present at the show of football in the 90s of the last century in Donetsk at Shakhtar stadium between the local "Scythians" and the American team. Approximately 25 thousand spectators came to see it. This game still holds the record for attendance in this sport in Ukraine. Even then it became clear how much potential American football has in our country. "

As a result: Maxim Shilo and Sergey Dyadechko wished each other to achieve their personal goals and agreed on mutual assistance.

Source: amfoot.sport.ua


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