"9 minutes in the morning and you're always healthy!" with Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko's fund

19 May 2017
"9 minutes in the morning and you're always healthy!" with Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko's fund
In order to be successful in modern society, a person needs to be daily prepared for various challenges and overcoming stressful situations that can arise at any moment. To help in this is called the project of the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation DSF "GYMnastics" http://dyadechko.org/ua/projects/zaryadochka/.

"GYMnastics" is a balanced set of necessary exercises, replacing coffee in the morning and carrying health and longevity. They will allow you and your family, regardless of age, gender and social status, having spent only 9 minutes in the morning, to fill themselves with healthy energy for the whole day. It will not be difficult to master these exercises under the leadership of the positively charged president of the Ukrainian Association and the vice president of the European organization Karate Kyokushinkaykan, the branch chef of the IKO Matsushima 6th Dan Sergey Lukyanchikov. His successful experience is your achievements and health.

You can now be charged with cheerfulness, being anywhere in the world without regard for time zones. After all, "GYMnastics" is available on the YouTube service https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YArvGEk8c6c anywhere and anytime. Being ready for the most unexpected tests of the day was easy. It is enough to have a laptop, tablet, phone or any other mobile device. And the "GYMnastics" with Sergey Vasilievich will breathe new forces, with which any accomplishments will become possible.