CrossFit Kyiv Battle 2017 finished!

6 February 2017
CrossFit Kyiv Battle 2017 finished with Sergey Dyadechko!
4 and 5 January, Kyiv hosted a large-scale international tournament CrossFit Kyiv Battle 2017. Thanks to the media-support of Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko Foundation DSF competition caused an unprecedented for Ukraine interest in the new and unusual for us sport. In each of the two days of the tournament the event was attended by so many enthusiasts that organizers themselves have been pleasantly surprised. The hall where athletes competed, was packed and those of the audience who was slightly late had to try hard to find a place closer to the center of events.

Even more daunting was the TV audience Kyiv Battle 2017, whose broadcast sponsor has become the DSF. Millions of viewers of XSPORT channels, MostVideo.TV, and Megogo service worldwide had the opportunity to watch live translation of the beautiful and spectacular tournament of the strongest athletes of Ukraine and the world. And even those who, for whatever reasons, could not follow the fascinating struggle of the best krossfiters live, may at any time to see the record of the competition on the website and the mobile app of Megogo service that has 40 million users in Eastern Europe.

The successful experience of cooperation of DSF Foundation and Kyiv Battle 2017 gives grounds for confidence that CrossFit will continue to grow and gain popularity in our country and abroad! Stay with us, and together we will raise a new healthy generation of Ukrainians!