DSF Fund of Sergey Dyadechko and PFL - a new project and new achievements

28 August 2017
DSF Fund of Sergey Dyadechko and PFL - a new project and new achievements
Sergey Dyadechko is connected with sports by many years of fruitful work as the president of the Donetsk basketball club, becoming the champion of Ukraine, as well as by the role of the organizer of the first full-fledged children's school basketball league in the country. Currently, he is the president of the basketball club "Monaco".

DSF actively participates in the sporting life of the country, paying special attention to those sports that are not frequently covered by the media. For the current year the Foundation has successfully implemented joint media projects with the Ukrainian Tennis Federation, the Ukrainian League of American Football, the Squash Federation of Ukraine, the Strongman Federation of Ukraine, and the Kyiv Crossfit Battle.

The DSF fund attracted by the prospects of partnership with PFL, since in the first and second leagues lies the foundation of Ukrainian football. PFL clubs are located in all corners of Ukraine, and the activity of the organization in recent years has allowed to increase the interest of sports fans to the tournaments held by it. At the same time, mostly in the sphere of marketing support and work with fans lies the further development of PFL. Therefore, DSF plans to create a joint media project for the organization of comprehensive media support for one of the league matches.

The main goals of cooperation with PFL the Foundation sees in the increasing of interest to the league tournaments, attracting fans to the stadiums and creating comfortable conditions for viewing matches, also creating an attractive situation for potential sponsors of clubs and leagues. The rich and successful experience of DSF, accumulated in similar projects in various sports, allows us to look optimistically at the prospects of teamwork. The Foundation believes that the progress of national football is possible only through the development of clubs of all levels.

Photo source PFL website pfl.ua