Dyadechko Sergei: "Squash will help anyone to be in excellent shape and achieve success in life"

14 April 2017
Dyadechko Sergei: "Squash will help anyone to be in excellent shape and achieve success in life"
The founder of the fund is a Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Dyadechko Sergey told why his organization decided to support this kind of sport.

How did the squash come into the orbit of the DSF?

- Squash has a lot in common with big tennis, which I'm fond of. At first I was just interested in understanding what the similarities and differences between these sports are. But when I learned more about squash, I wanted to get as close to as many people as possible.

Why do you like squash so much?

- In our world, success is achieved by those who are able to combine strength and intelligence. It's the same in squash. It is not enough just to be faster and more precise than an opponent. To win, you need to be able to calculate the opponent's moves, do not give the opportunity to foresee your own and quickly make decisions. In this sense, squash is much like business.

Does this mean that the squash will be of interest only to those who are engaged in business?

- Not at all. Personally, I'm against the fact that in sports, especially in mass, there were some limits and artificial limitations. One of the main tasks of our foundation is to make any kind of sport accessible to those who wish to do it. I am absolutely sure that squash classes will help any person, regardless of gender, age and social status, not only to maintain excellent physical form, but also to become more successful in everyday life.

What are the plans of the fund to support the development of squash in Ukraine?

- The first experience of the fund's cooperation with the Squash Federation of Ukraine at the Championship of the country turned out to be very productive. We once again became convinced that squash in Ukraine is developing at a rapid pace. Together we want to attract more attention to this tremendous game in our country, to increase the number of those who wish to engage in squash and fans, which will help bring the Ukrainian squash to the forefront in Europe and the world, this is the meaning of my fund's work.