Dyadechko Sergei: "Help of the public"

23 March 2017
Dyadechko Sergei: "Help of the public"

Is it really necessary to get involved in basketball in order to become a successful President?

- The formula for success, as such, does not exist. Basketball takes a big place in my life and I really put my soul into this project. Roca Team is my brainchild.

ASM remains still undefeated at home in the European Cup.

Is Gaston Madsen the place that brings you luck?

- I think we are invincible at home for two reasons: alchemy in the team and the fact that our players are given to the game by 200%. Thanks to our fans, the team feels the best. The atmosphere at the match against the AEK team - it was real magic! Pleasure was more than getting a title. When you see such a full hall, you understand how the Roca Team became a real club, thanks to the support of the super public.

The fact of quitting to the quarter finale, does it give you any ideas regarding the future participation in the Euro League?

- I prefer to concentrate on the near future. Be careful with Sassari. Believe me, it will be very difficult to fight against this team.