Dyadechko Sergey: "There are no victories without defeat in sports"

30 April 2017
Dyadechko Sergey: "There are no victories without defeat in sports"
- How insulting to lose, having gained a weighty advantage at the start?

- Losing is always offensive. But in sports there are no victories without defeats. Moreover, in the Final four' format surprises happen regularly. And taking into account the level of the participants in the decisive stage of the Champions League, any result in both semifinal pairs would not become a sensation. His high level "Banwit" showed in matches with us even during the group stage. And today the Turks confirmed this, showing character after the first quarter. In the end, the struggle was very tense, and the opponent in it turned out to be more fortunate.

- Will it be difficult for the team to tune in for the match for third place?

- "Monaco" has not yet been spoiled by success in European competition. And even the third place in the Champions League will certainly be a success for us - a good start for new achievements. But the most important thing is not even in the difference between the third and fourth places. Our team in any fight wants to win, and to win from such a strong opponent as "Venice", which goes on the second place in Serie A, will be pleasant and honorable.