Holiday of American football in Boryspil with Sergey Dyadechko fund DSF was a success

15 May 2017
Holiday of American football in Boryspil with Sergey Dyadechko fund DSF was a success
Thanks to the Sergei Dyadechko Fund DSF, which sponsored the live broadcast of American football, it was seen by the audience both in Ukraine and abroad. And interest in the meeting of the leaders of American football of our country was shown even in the homeland of this sport in the USA.

Everyone who either went to the stadium, or watched the match of "Patriots" and "Lumberjacks" live, did not regret the time spent. Spectators in the stands were able to plunge into the atmosphere of this sporting event, which was jointly organized by the DSF Foundation, ULAF and the Mayor of Boryspil Anatoly Fedorchuk. And the fans at TV screens enjoyed a qualitative broadcast of a bright and exciting fight on the green field. The best Ukrainian players and overseas legionaries performing in the teams of both teams gave everyone a bright and dynamic show. The game turned out to be productive and was full of spectacular moments. Stronger in it were "Lumberjacks", who won with a score of 32:16, and the main character in their ranks was quarterback Vasily Jordan, who made the touchdown himself, and also gave two accurate passes to the US host Anthony Benson. In the ranks of the "Patriots", running back Dilil Bartli, who brought the team 10 points in total, was particularly distinguished.

Cooperation between DSF and ULAF continues to bear fruit and contribute to the development of American football in Ukraine. It has already significantly expanded the ranks of fans of this sport in our country. And after such events as a fascinating match of leaders in Boryspil, fans of American football will surely become even more.

Be with us, and together we will grow a healthy generation of Ukrainians!