"Monaco" - in the Final Four of Champions League

30 March 2017
"Monaco" - in the Final Four ofChampions League
After the first home match, the Monegasques had a reserve of 11 points. In Italy, they confidently controlled the course of the game, not giving the opponent the slightest opportunity to claim a common victory in the confrontation. Only twice in the first half the Dynamo managed to get ahead by 5 points, but Monaco both times quickly eliminated the backlog. And after a long break, Zvezdan Mitrovich's team was always ahead.

The Monegasques stripped the rival of their most formidable weapon, allowing to realize only 6 out of 23 tree-points shots. At the same time, the basketball players of Monaco showed fantastic accuracy of throws from behind the arc, sending 10 out of 16 distant attempts to the target.

One of the best on the site in the Monegasques was defender of the national team of Ukraine, Sergei Gladyr. He came out in the starting lineup and in 32 minutes scored 20 points, made 2 rebounds, gave 1 transfer and made 1 interception.

In addition to the "Monaco" in the Final Four came the Turkish "Banvit", the Spanish "Tenerife" and the Italian "Venice". And their opponent in the semifinals the Monegasque will know after the draw, which will be held on April 7.