Basketball club "Donetsk"

Basketball club "Donetsk" Sergey Dyadechko
The great basketball Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko has loved as a child, when in 1985, 10-year-old boy came to the match of the Donetsk "Shakhtar", which then sensationally won the USSR Cup. However, he was not satisfied with only the role of cheerleader and himself played at a high level, while being a student, for teams of Donetsk Polytechnic Institute (now Donetsk National Technical University) and the city of Donetsk.

And even when the development of his own business began to occupy almost all the time of Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko, he has not forgotten about his addiction. When revived in Donetsk after a 10-year pause, professional club has managed to rise from the first to the high league, the banker came to the rescue team from his native city. When Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko became the owner and president of the club, he has provided a stable and worthy funding, the team brilliantly won the championship major league and won the right to act in the strongest Ukrainian Division - Superleague. Because of the ability of President to find a common language and to convince people, newcomer of the Super League managed to invite experienced foreign coach and the number of foreign players, one of whom - American PJ Tucker - is now a player in the starting five NBA team "Phoenix Suns". In addition, thanks to the personal efforts of Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko, basketball club "Donetsk" immediately got the right to start in the international tournament Challenge Cup FIBA Europe.

In the first year in Super League basketball club "Donetsk" won silver medals and maintained the stable position in the Ukrainian basketball leaders group, as well as annualy adequately represented Ukraine in the European Cup. Personal Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko authority in the basketball world made possible regular strengthening the team with known Ukrainian and foreign players and coaches. The greatest success basketball club "Donetsk" achieved in the 2011/12 season, when he became the champion of Super League and reached the quarterfinals of the prestigious European Cup.

In a year Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko decided to take a course on Ukrainisation of the club. It coincided with the phenomenal success of the Ukrainian team at the Eurobasket 2013, which confirmed the correctness of the chosen direction of development. Local experts began to manage a team and to show their talents and won the confidence of the president. Despite the difficult situation in the country in 2014, a solid foundation in the form of a large pool of own talented junior players from children-youth basketball school allowed the team in the face of serious disturbances adequately finish the season 2013/14.

Over the years in basketball club "Donetsk" have played a number of players from the national team of Ukraine. In particular, Alexander Lipovyj during performances for the club rose to the level of the national basketball team. In addition, Vyacheslav Kravtsov  received an offer to move to the NBA from basketball club "Donetsk", who then played for CSKA and "Valencia". Also playing for the club Denis Loukashov, Maxim Kornienko, Dmitry Glebov and Kirill Fesenko last autumn brought the Ukrainian national team qualification for the EuroBasket 2017.

As a successful businessman Sergei Vladimirovich Dyadechko understood that the success of the basketball club depends not only on the configuration of the team. So he paid special attention to the development of infrastructure of the club, which in a short time, starting from null, became the best in the country. For example, the marketing department specialists provided a full house at a basketball game, despite the presence in the city of famous in Europe football team, regularly performing in the Champions League, and KHL hockey club. A technical service has introduced an unprecedented for Ukraine system for the automated ticketing and organized live broadcasts of matches using the latest technology.
Basketball club "Donetsk" Sergey Dyadechko
Basketball club "Donetsk" Sergey Dyadechko
Basketball club "Donetsk" Sergey Dyadechko
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