GYMnastics on DSF

GYMnastics on DSF
The main task of the fund of Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Dyadechko Sergei DSF is the formation of a strong Ukrainian nation and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. After all, only full of strength and energy people can build a happy future for themselves and thereby for the whole country.

Care for their health is necessary for people of all ages, gender and social status. And the best first step for this can be the right start of the day. After all, if you prepare your body for the upcoming events, you will always be in shape and you will be able to overcome any difficulties. That is why the DSF fund opens the project "GYMnastics", which will help everyone without exception, having spent only 10 minutes in the morning, to spend all day most productively. Having performed simple but very effective exercises together with one of the best Ukrainian masters of karate Sergey Lukyanchikov, any person will be able to gain strength and create a positive attitude for the upcoming business.

Join in the morning "GYMnastics" on the leading sports TV channels of the country and popular Internet services and fill yourself with strength, freshness and energy for the whole day!

Be with us, and together we will grow a healthy generation of Ukrainians!
GYMnastics on DSF
GYMnastics on DSF
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19 May 2017

Head coach of the team of Sergey Dyadechko "Monaco" Zvezdan Mitrovich - the best coach of the league season Pro A

One of the most prestigious individual prizes for the current season in the French league Pro A went to the basketball club "Monaco" of Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Sergey Dyadechko. More
19 May 2017

"9 minutes in the morning and you're always healthy!" with Sergey Vladimirovich Dyadechko's fund

To always stay in good shape, it is very important to start the day right, bringing yourself into a tonus and creating a positive attitude. More
18 May 2017

"Monaco" Sergei Dyadechko won the regular season, ahead of the meeting in the playoffs with ASVEL

The basketball club "Monaco" finished the regular French championship in the first place with 30 victories with only 4 defeats. More
15 May 2017

Holiday of American football in Boryspil with Sergey Dyadechko fund DSF was a success

On Sunday, May 14 in Boryspil, at the stadium "Kolos", a match of Division A of the Ukrainian League of American Football (ULAF) took place between the Kiev "Patriots" and "Lumberjacks" from Uzhhorod. More