Sergey Dyadechko: "The pilot project with Obolon-Brovar is the first step towards revealing the marketing potential of PFL"

15 September 2022
Sergey Dyadechko: "The pilot project with Obolon-Brovar is the first step towards revealing the marketing potential of PFL"
When studying the protocols of matches of the 11th round in the First League, it is noteworthy that for the first time in the championship the most visited match took place in Kiev. And on a duel with Poltava to support Obolon-Brovar came 60% more fans than on average visited their home meetings before.

The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the fact that it was this game that was chosen for the pilot project of the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation and PFL for complex media support of the league matches. And the founder of the fund, the Ukrainian businessman Sergey Dyadechko, told about this experiment in more detail.

Correspondent: "Has your fund cooperated with football clubs before?"

Sergey Dyadechko: "The main goal of our fund is the marketing support of those sports and tournaments in Ukraine, which for various reasons are not priority for the media. That's why football, as the most popular in our country, initially did not attract the attention of the fund."

Correspondent: "What has changed now?"

Sergey Dyadechko: "The team of specialists of MostMedia Promotion recommended me to look at the First League, which helps to implement the fund's projects. And when we carefully studied the situation, it turned out that the tournaments held by PFL fully meet the criteria of the fund's partner program. After all, the First and Second leagues have the widest geography and cover the most diverse cities in all regions of Ukraine, but the stadiums are virtually empty, which means that they need our help. We believe that these tournaments bring great football to all corners of the country and give an opportunity to develop young Ukrainian players. "

Correspondent: "How experienced is the team of your foundation?"

Sergey Dyadechko: "I have been cooperating with the MostMedia Promotion team ever since I was president of the Donetsk basketball club, that is, almost 10 years. Then they helped us completely rebuild and implement marketing programs that always filled the stadiums at home matches while Shakhtar played in the Champions League next door, and the Donbass football club in the KHL. My club was then in the top three in attendance in Eastern Europe. Now they have helped us in France, and I know that this team has implemented many successful projects in Ukraine in many sports and with many federations. It was they who drew my attention to Ukraine, and proved that they can give excellent results on the attendance and preparation of teams in the marketing plan quite economically. Proper marketing is a guarantee of the financial success of a sports team, if it is not there, then I personally do not see the point of playing. "

Correspondent: "Why was the Obolon-Brovar chosen for the pilot project?"

Sergey Dyadechko: "Although this club is formally very young, it has an excellent infrastructure, one of the best in the league. In particular, the modern comfortable arena. And besides, the presence of a stable and loyal sponsor helps in achieving our goals and is a reliable foundation for further development."

Correspondent: "You did not regret the choice?"

Sergey Dyadechko: "Not at all. Quite the contrary. I watched the match on TV, I saw the attendance statistics and saw how the team hired by me is working. Now I'm even more sure that they were right. The club created all necessary conditions for our team and met our wishes. Actually, that's why we achieved such results from the first time. We will leave all recommendations and continue to accompany the club, we wish FC "Obolon-Brovar" to achieve success and in terms of sports although. "

Correspondent: "So you have achieved all the goals?"

Sergey Dyadechko: "If we talk only about the first stage of cooperation, then yes. We in a short time applied the full potential of marketing and received very high quantitative growth rates of attendance. But our goal is the average stadium occupancy rate of 80% per season, then we can say that the team achieved maximum success, but also this is a systematic strategic work. As soon as there will be constant spectators at the TV and at the stadium - the team will have everything, both sports and financial success. We received feedback from fans about the cozy family atmosphere created at the stadium. It is very important that people leaving the arena take with them a desire to return to it. The same applies to the television broadcast, which was performed by the team ( The European level of broadcasting is already half of the success. A peculiar delayed effect from our work is to increase the attractiveness of the club for new potential sponsors and in the growth of existing ones. "

We wish the team of FC Obolon-Brovar victory in all fields!



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