The experiment of the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation and PFL in the First League proved successful

15 September 2022
The experiment of the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation and PFL in the First League proved successful
The last round in the First League did not bring sensational results, but did not do without surprises. To such it is possible to boldly carry the fact that for the first time in the season the most visited match took place in the capital. At the match "Obolon-Brovar" with "Poltava" the stadium filled with 60% more than the average at the matches of the domestic team in the current championship.
Such a sharp leap is explained not even by the arrival of the second team of the championship, but by the fact that the pilot project on the complex media accompaniment of the match fr om the Fund Sergey Dyadechko and MostMedia Promotion was realized on this game. The main goal of the Foundation is to popularize in Ukraine those kinds of sports that the media do not pay enough attention to. Because of this, football, as the most popular in our country, was not originally part of the organization's sphere of interests. Why now the situation has changed, explained the founder of the Fund Ukrainian businessman Sergey Dyadechko:
"To achieve the goals of the Foundation, I invited a team of experienced specialists of MostMedia Promotion, on whose account there are many successfully implemented projects in this sphere both in Ukraine and in the world. They have on hand the whole necessary set of intellectual and technical tools for studying and conducting any sporting events in the best European marketing traditions. And at the same time they are ready to work at the prices of the Ukrainian market in this sphere of services. It was "MostMedia Promotion" who advised me to pay attention to the PFL of Ukraine and the championship of the First League. Indeed, this organization covers almost the entire territory of our country and includes representatives of both large cities and small towns. PFL tournaments are the forge of personnel for the Premier League that enable young domestic athletes to regularly receive game practice and gain experience. The guys did high-quality preparation and received a high marketing result."
Capital club Obolon-Brovar was chosen as a partner for the pilot project not by chance. The Kiev club has one of the best infrastructures in the First League, and also has the support of a stable sponsor, through which it can implement step by step development plan. During preparation for the match with "Poltava" the club gave perfect assistance to the Fund of Sergey Dyadechko, fulfilling all the requirements and meeting any wishes. The regular result of such cooperation was the record attendance of the arena, the spectators happy with the visit to the stadium and a significant tele-audience of the match.
Sergey Dyadechko Foundation not the first time is solving such problems. Leading the basketball club "Donetsk", the founder of the Foundation has got full stadium at home matches, despite the fact that the city also played a football team at the level of the UEFA Champions League and the hockey club of the KHL. And after Sergey Dyadechko took over the post of the president of the basketball club "Monaco", this club achieved impressive progress, in just a few years having passed the way fr om the middle of the third division to the leader of the French basketball, the owner of the national Cups and the participant of the Finals of the four of Champions League FIBA.
A thorough knowledge of the subtleties of sports marketing and the experience gained over the years allowed the team of the Fund Sergey Dyadechko to create a unique set of effective tools that guarantee a sharp increase in the spectator interest and attention of sponsors in any sport. These techniques were successfully applied at the match "Obolon-Brovar" - "Poltava". The results obtained from the first time, although impressive, are by no means the lim it. Immediate acquaintance with the specifics of the matches in the First League gave Sergey Dyadechko and MostMedia Promotion an opportunity to see the organizational reserves that will allow to fully open the marketing potential of PFL tournaments in the future.
The key points of the plan for the use of such reserves are elaborated in detail and then transferred to the Obolon-Brovar club for its further implementation. The main goals of the project are to promote the club brand in combination with high sports results. And in case of application on a wider scale, these marketing technologies can help the development of Ukrainian sports in general.
The state cash lottery BAZABET also participated in the pilot project. On BAZABET quotations for this match, a high coefficient of 1.71 was proposed for a total less than 2.5. This forecast was given on the sports portal BAZASPORT.
One of the results of the cooperation between the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation and Obolon-Brovar was a large number of positive reviews about the quality of the HD live broadcast of the match with Poltava. Such a modern television product, including repetitions of key moments and high-quality graphics will help significantly increase the viewer's television audience, and therefore attract new sponsors.
In addition, the fans who visited the stadium noted the cozy family atmosphere at the match, causing the desire to come again and again. In particular, the quality and variety of products on the food court "Obolon Arena" can now challenge the best stadiums in our country.

We are waiting for all at the matches of FC Obolon-Brovar in the following rounds.



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