"Harvest" of records in the final of the Cup of Ukraine in Strongmen with the support of Sergey Dyadechko

19 September 2022
"Harvest" of records in the final of the Cup of Ukraine in Strongmen with the support of Sergey Dyadechko
On the last Sunday September 17 in Vinnitsa Final of the Cup of Ukraine on Strongmen took place. These competitions will be remembered by spectators not only with a stubborn struggle, but with an unprecedented number of new records of Ukraine. At the competitions, six top achievements of our country were upd ated at once, and thanks to the media support of the DSF fund, thousands of sports fans around the world will be able to enjoy these spectacular unique moments.

The joint work of the Fund of Sergey Dyadechko with the Strongmen Federation of Ukraine has already brought excellent results in the Championship of Ukraine among amateurs and the stage of the Cup of Ukraine among professionals held in July in Kiev. The task at the Final of the Cup of Ukraine was to capture the new records by athletes of this sport, to be again and again inspired by them and to motivate athletes to new achievements.

The founder of the Foundation, Ukrainian businessman Sergey Dyadechko, told why the program of support of the strongman in Ukraine became one of the priorities for his organization:


"Competitions in which the strongest person is determined, on the scale of a city, even a whole country, always attracts an increased interest. And traditional weightlifting can not fully satisfy it for a number of reasons. First, top-level competitions are relatively rare. And secondly, despite the diversity of species, traditional weightlifting, they are all quite academic. They lack the entertainment that can attract fans to the stands.

Strongman does not have this drawbacks. In a sense, it can be called a very successful combination of sports and shows. Athletes perform seemingly simple exercises, but unusual sports equipment, such as, for example, huge car tires, make them bright and original. In addition, the very format of the Strongmen battles is much more dynamic and intriguing for the audience.

That's why our Foundation, whose goal is to support and develop undeservedly deprived media attention of sports and competitions in Ukraine, and drew attention to the strongman. With the help of a team of experienced specialists from MostMedia Promotion, we made the pilot cooperation project at the Ukrainian Amateur Championship and the Ukrainian Cup among professionals in July. And after analyzing the impressive results of joint work with the Strongman Federation, they unanimously decided to continue the partnership. Its new stage was the Final of the Cup of Ukraine. "


The fruitful work of the Foundation in Ukraine is based on rich experience in sports marketing. With the specialists forming the core of MostMedia Promotion, Sergey Dyadechko began to cooperate even when he was president of the basketball club Donetsk. Then the result of the introduction of advanced marketing technologies (including ones created independently) became crowded stands at the home games of the team.

Now at the disposal of the bundle of the Fund Sergei Dyadechko and MostMedia Promotion there is a unique set of intellectual and technical tools that guarantee a sharp increase in the spectator interest and attention of sponsors in any sport. These methods have already made it possible to achieve the se t goals in Europe. But the Foundation is ready to apply them in Ukraine, taking into account all local specifics. In particular, taking into account the fact that it was not previously accepted to spend large sums on sports marketing in our country.

Only this year, the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation, with the help of MostMedia Promotion, took part in a number of projects in various sports from tennis and motorsport to squash and Crossfit. And the most recent of them was cooperation with the Professional Football League of Ukraine and the football club Obolon-Brovar. Media support of the Foundation allowed to increase the attendance of the home game "Obolon-Brovary" by 60%.

There is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of spectators of the Final Cup of Ukraine in the Strongmen after the tournament left full of emotions from a tense struggle and a bright spectacle seasoned with a series of records. And this means that the Sergey Dyadechko Foundation and the Strongmen Federation of Ukraine are on the right track, and dozens of new records and thousands of new fans are waiting for them ahead.