"Monaco" of Sergey Dyadechko set a French basketball record

21 February 2023
"Monaco" of Sergey Dyadechko set a French basketball record
Last weekend, the basketball club "Monaco" of Ukrainian businessman Sergey Dyadechko made a unique achievement - the third time in a row won the French League Cup "Leaders Cup". This competition takes place annually in Paris Disneyland and gathers in the stands tens of thousands of spectators. In the course of one of the most prestigious tournaments in France, in which eight strongest teams of the country participate, Monaco first defeated the Bourges with a score of 93:66, then confidently beat the most titled French club ASVEL 79:66, and the final was defeated by Le Mans 83:78.
Previously, no team was able to win the French League Cup at least twice in a row. "Monaco" does not give this honorable trophy to anyone for the third year already, but this pleasant tradition for fans of the Monegasque started after Sergey Dyadechko became president of the club.
Participating in this outstanding achievement were also the defender of the national team of Ukraine Sergey Gladyr, another sportsman of the club Alexey Efimov, as well as the current head coach of the team Zvezdan Mitrovic, who worked for a long time in Ukraine.
It is interesting that from the "Monaco", which won the very first of the three Cups in 2016, still only Gladyr plays in the team. Thus, he became the first player in the history of French basketball, which three times in succession became the owner of the "Leaders Cup".